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Seeking Artistic & Innovative Minds.

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As always :) We are looking for individuals that have an interest in all things Creative.
However, we are not just looking for Creative minds, we're looking for administrative & moderation type minds, as well. If you are a registered member, and you have time to contribute to dreamers box.

We'll work with you to catch you up on what we're about, why we are, and how we can all work together to carry on with compiling our website. Whether you have previous experience with moderating on a website, or not.

We welcome you to get in touch and apply with us.

You may be wondering how hard the work is... well... the truth is, it's not hard work at all once you get used to how moderating goes. The problem is that you never really can predict when the need to quickly tend to admin or moderator duties will rise.

So having a few good people with an eye on the domain and moderating in the right places means that you can focus on whatever else may be that is equally or more important without worrying or having to interrupt whatever you're doing in that moment.

If you are interested in joining us please take a minute to fill our CONTACT US form, the link is at the bottom of every page of our website.

Describe interests and your abilities, as well as any experience with content management or web design, graphics or coding, whatever your creative process and/or areas of interests may be.

If you are interested in being a part of our chill and fun group Click Here to send me a private message.

I'll reply ASAP.

Thank you

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